Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order and pay for an inspection?
A: You can place an order online by clicking the “Order Now” button on the VIPSouthwest homepage and fill out the secure order form with your information. You can include your payment information in the same order form. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

VIPSouthwest recommends that you purchase the used vehicle extended warranty to cover your newly purchased vehicle. Inspections are paid in advance based on the driving range from inspector’s office to location. If the range is greater than the inspector’s local driving range, additional fees may apply and will be quoted before payment is processed.

Q: What do we check for in the Pre-Purchase Inspection?
A: VIPSouthwest detailed vehicle condition report includes descriptions of the interior and exterior of the vehicle done by visual assessment and performance evaluation of test drive. Inspection includes report on: scratches, dents, paint condition, rust, wheels and tires condition, glass, visible wear and tear, presence of oil leaks, electrical systems, suspension, steering, drive train performance, and more. If permitted the vehicle can be test driven to further inspect engine, transmission, and driveine operation. For more information see What we do.

Q: What are the qualifications of the inspector?
A: VIPSouthwest inspectors are independently contracted A.S.E. certified mechanics and/or body shop professionals with extensive experience in the automotive industry. We set a high standard for our inspectors and have them follow our strict guidelines for each inspection process. This way we are able to standardize our inspection profile for all inspectors.

Q: Is the vehicle lifted for undercarriage inspection?
A: An undercarriage inspection can only be done if the seller has a vehicle lift and agrees to lift the vehicle for inspection.

Q: Do your inspectors use any diagnostic equipment to test electronics?
A: VIPSouthwest inspectors do not use diagnostic equipment. They perform a visual and performance evaluation.

Q: Do your inspectors perform compression tests?
A: VIPSouthwest does not offer compression tests, as there is a liability to removing any component of a vehicle with the use of tools.

Q: Will the inspector perform a test drive?
A: VIPSouthwest inspectors will try to arrange test drives for all inspections if the vehicle owner agrees, if the vehicle has a valid registration or minimum insurance required by law, if weather conditions permit, and if there are no other reasons that will not permit a test drive.

If a test drive is performed, the inspector will ride as a passenger in the vehicle and the insured owner or sales associate will drive.

Q: What happens if the test drive is not performed?
A: While we always try to schedule the test drive, it is not required to complete an inspection. If a test drive could not be performed, this will most often be noted in the report. Please take this into consideration when deciding to purchase.

Q: Will the inspector call me from the vehicle location?
A: Yes, an VIPSouthwest inspector will usually call you from the location at the number provided on the order form. You can also view your report and photos once the report is completed. Reports are usually up the next business day.

Q: How long does the whole process take after I order the inspection?
A: You can usually expect the inspection to be completed two-three (2-3) business days after your order has been placed. This time is dependent on the scheduling coordination of the seller with the VIPSouthwest inspector’s schedule.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the turn around time?
A: As there are to many variants that can affect the time frame of an inspection to be completed, we cannot guarantee the normal turn around time. Although, most inspections are completed within the normal time frame and we do our best to ensure that.

Q: Can an inspector perform an inspection on the weekend?
A: We do not offer weekend service as VIPSouthwest inspectors typically work during normal business hours Monday thru Friday. All order that are received on Saturday, Sunday, or a federal holiday will be process the next business day.

Q: Does your company have inspectors all around the USA?
A: VIPSouthwest does have inspectors across the USA and parts of Canada. Most of the major US cities will not have any mileage fees. If the inspection is out of a normally covered area, we will inform you prior to the inspection to provide you with a quote.

Q: Does your company guarantee the inspection?
A: As the vehicle cannot be disassembled for the inspection to check for internal components, the inspection is not a guarantee. Please see our terms and conditions for more information. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate report possible.