Request an inspection

Once your inspection request order has been placed, a VIPSouthwest agent will contact you directly. We will then schedule the inspection at the vehicle location specified in the order form below. The typical turn-around time for our inspectors is 24-48 hours depending on distance from our inspector. Our VIP inspectors will perform a full, bumper-to-bumper inspection or detailed inspection based on your request. When the inspection is complete, you will receive an electronic detailed report along with photos of the entire vehicle.

Inspection Types

VIPSouthwest offers a variety of inspection types

From your Basic Auto Inspection, to Motorcycles, Boats and RV's. Cost varies by location but our standards rates are as follows:
RV: $275.00
Boats: $275.00*

All costs are base/approximate.
Prices are subject to increase depending on size, complexity and location.

If you have a company that has multiple on-going inspections, please give us a call and ask about our quantity discounts.